By 2040, global energy demand will be approximately 35% higher, driven by increasing global prosperity. This will increase carbon dioxide levels, which contributes to rising temperatures and sea levels, abnormal weather patterns, and increased intensity of natural disasters. The time for change is now.
EnergiMine have created a platform

whereby energy efficient behaviour, such as using low carbon transportation, reducing consumption, and buying energy efficient appliances, are rewarded with EnergiTokens (ETK). By motivating people to change their behaviour with a tangible reward, EnergiMine have revolutionised the approach to achieving a more sustainable world.


Tap into new markets, EnergiMine has a global presence, particularly in Europe and Asia.

Gain exposure to new audiences, driving reach via international multi-platform social media engagement and enhanced marketing. Press coverage in mainstream, industry specific and crypto publications.

Work with us to foster creativity and innovation using revolutionary technology that uses blockchain and artificial intelligence. Working collaboratively towards a common goal improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Drive your brand awareness and customer base- Our innovation means we are the only energy company to incentivise energy efficiency.

Improve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) whilst reducing your bills. Decreasing energy consumption will create a more sustainable planet.



The EMA works with 1500 companies, including huge names such as the NHS, Department of Education, Network Rail, and TFL. EMA aims to improve the standing of the energy management profession, establish best-practice in energy management, and position energy management at the heart of British business. Their initiatives currently include ‘Empowering Women in Energy Management’ and ‘Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group Project.


FuzeX have created a card which allows customers to make cryptocurrency payments anytime, anywhere using existing payment networks. Customers choose a cryptocurrency for their FuzeX card and can then view their balance and real time conversion rate in fiat currency. ETK will be one of the available cryptocurrencies that customers can choose to put on the FuzeX card.


Simply EV is a trusted supplier to the UK, Europe, and ROW for EV charging cables, chargers and accessories. This partnership means that customers will be able to use ETK as a payment method when purchasing accessories from Simply EV.


Electra provides commercial vehicle operators with clean, zero emission solutions for heavy goods trucks. This will reduce pollution and help create a greener, more sustainable method for goods delivery. Their aim is to make city centre delivery a 100% clean and silent operation, minimising the impact on the environment. They will reward clients who convert from dirty heavy trucks to zero emission electric vehicles with ETK.


Hotel Cappuccino is an eco-friendly urban lifestyle destination at the lively heart of Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea. The cause driven hotel encourages environmentally friendly, and energy efficient behaviour by asking guests to use their amenities responsibly (such as reusing towels) and rewarding them with coupons for doing so. Hotel Cappuccino will be able to reward their energy efficient customers with ETK.


Solisco engineered an EV-Port which integrates Solar Photovoltaic modules with Smart EV charging points, effectively using solar power to generate the energy required to power charging points. Through partnerships, innovative thinking, and collaboration, Solisco aims to give people true energy independence whilst simultaneously tackling climate change, which allies itself to the ethos and goals of EnergiMine. This partnership paves the way for ETK enabled EV charging points in Solisco Solar Powered Car Ports.


As a renewable energy company, JEM Energy specialises in thermodynamic hot water heating and solar services, with a goal to motivate people to switch to affordable green energy. This allows consumers to future proof energy bills and save money on an annual basis, whilst doing their bit for the environment. As part of this partnership, JEM Energy will reward customers who install Solar PV with ETK and allow ETK payments for the installation.


Present in four major European countries, ON5 is a major energy efficiency advisory company, helping communities, homes and businesses to save energy. With headquarters in the UK, France, Italy and Spain, this partnership increases our reach into these large influential countries. They also boast an extremely impressive portfolio of clients, which include EDF, Esso, and Cora. ON5 will use ETK as a reward through their behavioural change program at work, and energy100 at home.


3F EV is an all-electric Tesla rental company, offering their clients rental, sharing, and executive chauffeur services. They believe that future transport should be 100% electric, connected, fully autonomous and shared, and are dedicated to protecting the environment by providing methods of sustainable motoring. Through the integration of the ETK Rewards Platform, consumers who use 3F EV services will be rewarded with ETK for choosing low-carbon transportation, and 3F EV employees will be similarly rewarded for showing energy efficient behaviour.


eGen Scooters is a leading provider of electric scooters, powered by high quality lithium batteries. Actively contributing to the provision of greener transport, suitable for work, and leisure activities, eGen Scooters have the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions by providing industry-leading alternatives to fossil-fuel based methods of transport. eGen Scooter customers will be rewarded with ETK for reducing the number of pollutant vehicles on the road, positively contributing to a greener, more sustainable environment.


nextbike is an extensive bike sharing provider operating across 25 countries in 4 continents with over 150 operational schemes, which allows users to easily find and hire bikes at an hourly rate through a mobile app. This encourages daily commuters to use bikes rather than fuel-based vehicles, significantly lowering a user’s carbon footprint whilst also incorporating exercise into their daily routine. EnergiTokens will be awarded to nextbike customers for their contribution to carbon emission reduction through their choice of energy efficient, green transportation.

We’re looking for more than just vendors. We are looking for reliable, driven, and environmentally conscious businesses to partner with us in our venture to create a greener and more sustainable planet. If you’re passionate about energy efficiency and helping the environment, partner with us and help change the way people consume energy.



Low carbon transport has a positive impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions, which is why we are looking for trusted and passionate vendors of energy efficient transportation. This can include:

  • Electric vehicle dealerships
  • Electric vehicle rentals
  • Electric scooters resellers
  • E-bike resellers
  • Bike sharing schemes
  • Public transport authorities

Not only will you be helping the environment, but you will be providing your customers with the additional benefit of being rewarded with ETK when purchasing your low carbon products.

The process to sign up to be a vendor is quick and easy. Set up your account as a vendor today. Our team will then review your application and once approved you are ready to start! Alternatively, contact us to find out more information.


Employers who sign up, will have the opportunity to reward their employees with ETK, when they exhibit energy saving behaviour. Both the employer and employee will reap the benefits of saving energy whilst helping to create a more sustainable planet. By implementing a rewards strategy, employers can build a more energy efficient and socially responsible workforce plus reduce their monthly bills at the same time. Effectively, both company and employee will benefit. Simultaneously, energy consumption is reduced, and employers will enjoy the additional benefit of being able to reward staff with ETK who help them reduce their monthly energy bills. You will be able to track your energy usage and compare it to previous periods so that you can monitor your consumption habits.

Set up your vendor account today. Then once we have approved your application and you can begin doing your bit in saving the planet, saving money, and rewarding your staff whilst creating a more energy efficient workforce. Alternatively, contact us to find out more information.


Energy efficient appliances make a huge difference to the levels of energy consumption in communities, homes and businesses. These appliances can be anything from small domestic appliances such as kettles, to white goods like washing machines, and even EV charging points. We’re searching for driven and enthusiastic sellers of energy efficient appliances to join us in our mission to reduce energy consumption and create a more energy efficient world. Not only will you reach more customers, and therefore make a bigger impact in reducing consumption, but you will also have the means to reward them for making the change to more efficient appliances. This incentive to buy more sustainable products will increase the likelihood they will purchase more, increasing your impact further.

Sign up as a vendor today. Our team will then review your application. Once you have been approved you are ready to begin. Alternatively contact us to find out more information.


Renewable energy is the future and solar panels have become increasingly popular in homes and businesses. We want to partner with eager and dedicated solar energy companies, who are committed to creating a more energy efficient world by mitigating the overconsumption of energy from unsustainable means. By signing up as a vendor, and integrating our ETK platform into your businesses, you will be doing more than just providing an energy efficient service to customers. You will be incentivising and driving customers to purchase solar panels by rewarding them with ETK. With more customers motivated to buy solar panels, you will make a bigger impact in creating a greener planet and accumulate more business.

Set up your vendor account today. We’ll then review your application and once approved you will be ready to start. Alternatively, contact us to find out more information.