EnergiToken incentivises consumers for reducing energy consumption. Our beta version of our Rewards Platform enables electric vehicle and other Energy-efficient product owners to be rewarded with ETK tokens! Be part of the change, sign up today to be rewarded with ETK or become an approved vendor.

The Problem

Until now there has been no incentive to save energy. EnergiToken aims to disrupt the $2 trillion global electricity markets which are naturally closed and controlled by a handful of large players. Energy companies are currently incentivised to sell more energy at the highest possible price with no real transparency.

The Solution

EnergiToken rewards energy saving behaviour. Our blockchain solution will create a platform to reward energy efficient behaviour through EnergiToken. Our token will offer incentives for a range of energy-efficient behaviour such as taking low-carbon transport and buying energy-efficient appliances. ETK can then be re-used in our eco-system to trade energy or charge your EV.

The Problem

How It Works

Energi Token rewards people for energy reducing behaviour, such as taking public transport, turning off lights and using energy efficient appliances.

Our global partners reward users with our token 'ETK'; this is used to pay energy bills, charge electric vehicles or convert in to cash.


Energy usage will increase by 28% by 2040 due to emerging economies and their need for energy to grow.

Energy usage will increase by 28% by 2040 due to emerging economies and their need for energy to grow.

We need to start taking measures now to make sure that this increase in energy consumption is sustainable for the environment and used in an efficient manner, so that the cost to the environment and businesses is kept as low as possible. Our platform encourages people to save energy and rewards them.

Be part of the change


Omar Rahim

After spending the last 12 years in the energy sector trading gas and power throughout Europe, Omar created Energi Mine, a tech company working to revolutionise the energy space.

Nick Kairinos

Nick specializes in the application and integration of Artificial Intelligence into projects involving complex problems that need simple answers. He has 20 years’ experience working with tech start-ups as an architect, advisor, entrepreneur & investor.

Tony Xhufi

Entrepreneur with extensive experience within fintech, alternative finance and other markets. He has gained valuable experience within Big 4 consultancy and at present he enjoys advising startups.

Keith Teare

Keith is a founder and Executive Chairman at Accelerated Digital Ventures - a leading Venture Company based in the UK. He is a co-founder of TechCrunch and Archimedes Labs.

John Townsend

John, a Chartered Accountant by trade, has over 30 years of financial experience, having worked at Deloitte and managing the financial affairs of companies and HNWIs across the globe.

Lord Redesdale

Lord Redesdale has an extensive history in the energy sector having been a spokesman for Energy in the House of Lords. He has worked on a large number of energy related pieces of legislation.

Hannah Drake

Hannah brings over 9 years’ experience in the energy markets and is responsible for operations across Energi Mine. Having worked with complex clients across the UK, Europe and the US, she has helped some of the largest corporates in the world optimise...

Sid Sadique

Sid has spent over 30 years in the transport and fleet management industry. An electrical engineer by trade, Sid is heavily invested in the Electric Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle space.

Rebecca Grisewood

Rebecca heads up the legal function at Energi Mine, drawing on over 30 years’ experience in the sector. She is a partner at one of the largest corporate law firms in the UK.

In the Press


What is Energi Mine?

Energi Mine is an AI + Blockchain company, with its main office in Manchester, UK. We trade energy on behalf of large businesses throughout Europe, currently managing over $140m of energy. We are building our blockchain solution to decentralise energy markets and create a platform that rewards energy saving behaviour.

Who are the people behind Energi Mine?

You can get to know us better in the “team” section of this website. We come from some of the largest energy and tech companies in the world, such as Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Engie and Vattenfall. We have run successful startups in the past in the “Big Data” and Energy sectors, including selling to NASDAQ-listed companies.

What’s different about Energi Mine?

We have an existing business with real customers and real revenue. Our token (ETK) has real utility.

What are Energi Tokens?

Energi Tokens (ETK) are issued by Energi Mine and we will be launching our token sale on the 17th November 2017. ETK will be earned by energy saving behaviour such as taking public transport, or buying energy efficient appliances. They could also be used to pay for your energy bills with your energy supplier and used to trade on our P2P exchange.

What is Energi Mine doing now?

We already have real customers – we look after over 1,100 sites across Europe and manage over $140m of energy. We have already generated approx. $500k revenue in 2017 through our AI energy markets products.

What can I use my Tokens for?

Because our tokens can be earned as well as bought, there are multiple sustainable user cases. A local transport authority could award commuters ETK for taking public transport or an electronics manufacturer could award ETK when consumers buy energy efficient appliances. Please see our whitepaper for full user cases of ETK.

How will any Funds Raised by the Token Sale Event be Spent?

62% will be spent on development
24% will be spent on sales and marketing
14% on administrative and legal costs.
Please see whitepaper for more details.

Will ETK be Listed on any Coin Exchanges?

We are in discussions with exchanges and will update this section as we receive commitments from those exchanges.

How many tokens will be created for the token launch and will the number of tokens be limited?

2,307,692,310 in total of which 1,500,000,001.5 for sale.